Pray for Christ Church Aden

As we go about our work here in Aden please give prayers of thanks for all the work that is being done in, with and through Christ Church in Aden and ask for the Lord’s help in the following particular areas:

  • for wisdom for the government and rulers of Yemen;
  • for protection of all those who love and serve the Lord throughout Aden;
  • for the staff of Christ Church and their families, whether they are near or far; and
  • for provision of people, resources and money so that the work of the clinics and Christ Church itself can continue.

Gracious Lord, our heavenly Father,

As the Queen of Sheba long ago sought the wisdom of Solomon to rule Yemen, so may its leaders today seek your wisdom to govern well for the good of all  people.

Lord Jesus Christ, may Christ Church Aden, which so gladly bears your name bring life, love, healing and hope to many in Yemen through its worship and witness and the work of the clinics at Ras Morbat.

Holy Spirit of God, we thank you for inspiring, protecting and sustaining the ministry through Christ Church. May it ever be a work of faith and a labour of love. Give to all who serve you there buoyant faith, generous hearts and good understanding.

We ask these prayers in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord for his glory.


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7 thoughts on “Pray

  1. As we meet for Morning Prayer at Moretonhampstead church on the edge of Dartmoor, every weekend morning we pray for you, your church and your ministry and therefore value greatly your newsletter.

      • Hi and Hello there to all.

        I am a avid reader of the news letter that tell stories of the work at Ras Morbat Clinic. The grand mufti had given the land that belonged to the Christians. I have seen the readings of the Arabic inscriptions which I can read. I had been inside outside the maroon door of the church several times.

        I had lived at Aden for several years when my mom was working as aid doctor. I was the youngest in the family. I used to clean the church and prepare it for the service where my dad used to preach. Once I when I was returning on my bike Honda 125 cc. I met with a ghastly accident. I lost two teeth and was unconscious. Fortunately I survived the accident. I owe to Him. I have a calling and since then never gave up to read write Arabic language. After my second masters in international law, I understand what is happening in those lands.

        There is a need for Love, true love that Christ has shown to the world..

        I pray for you all as I remember those good old days.



  2. Our warmest greetings to all the staff and families of Ras Morbat clinic and Christ Church.

    You are all in our prayers to the heavenly throne of grace regularly, because you are all in our hearts. We thank God for you all, your devotion to duty born out of love for yemeni people. Your work and your endurance is produced by your faith in God and your desire to see people helped, healed and happy.

    We have such precious memories of our time in Aden fromJ 1993, some were very gloomy in predicting that the restoration of the church and building of the clinics would never happen….but Bishop John Brown, ourselves and a few others believed God would do it…….and he did…so to Him we give praise and glory. We thank God too for all those who have come and worked for periods of time in strengthening the foundations, loving the people, giving of themselves sacrificially…..and remaining committed by prayer and practical giving.

    God richly bless you all.

    Tom and Edna Hamblin.

    • Hello Tom and Edna, remember me margaret lloyd. You helped find my daughters resting place and kindly sent me a photo of you both with flowers taken either on good Friday or Easter Monday. I trust you are both keeping in good help and possibly living in or around Reading. My husband died suddenly 3months before our pilgrimage to Aden in nov 1996, unfortunately you had left for the UK I was able to go to Christchurch and saw the window with the plaque in memory of my daughter and saw the grave. At that time Aden was very grim but from photos I have since seen on a Facebook ex services site it is quite modern and much improved. I am so glad I have been able to contact you once again. God bless you both.
      Your Margaret Lloyd-Charles

  3. Praying for you this week following your very helpful diocesan Prayer Guide and helped by your excellent website – from the Teign Valley in the Diocese of Exeter.

  4. Will pray for all of you there for safety and protection that you may continue the good works you are doing there for the Yemeni people.

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